Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dan Flavin: Constructed Light

By: Aaron AuBuchon, Video Program Facilitator

This project was created for the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts for their exhibit Dan Flavin: Constructed Light. The video was made over the course of two days and features some interesting technical challenges including: how to shoot neon light in a big white room with lots of windows spilling in natural sunlight.

Check for the rack focus about half way through- not an easy task with a PD-150!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mondo St. Louis: Surviving a Supernatural Disaster

Here's an episode of the show Mondo St. Louis made by the Video Production II class each semester. This one deals with horror in culture.

Everything in this show is student produced, including scripting, sets, subjects... everything.

Friday, October 12, 2007


We are revising and re-scheduling the challenge, so try to put together a team now and we will know the date in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Man who was Living Dead

Part 1

Part 2

Posted by - Joseph Crawford

William Lynn – Zombie Bill
Tanya Darabcsek – Frances / Cop #1
Alvaro Coronel – Cop #2
Laura Rollins – Jogger
Cassandra Lee – Voice of Melissa

Benjamin G. Krumm – Director
Sarah K. Kelce – Director of Photography
Joseph Crawford – Video Editor / Sound
Amanda Aschinger – Executive Producer
Oleg Passer – Executive Producer
Justin Loase – Co-Producer
Wilson Wood – Special Effects Make-Up
Jack Roper – Music

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Public Service Announcement

by Lorna Gaffney - Senior Video Production

My Video II final project. My video one final project had some serious men bashing, so I figured it was time to due some women bashing as well. Bottom Line: Just a reminder that gorgeous creature you take home from the bar will probably be a lot uglier in the morning. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dock 7

by Josh Moore - Senior Video Production

My short film shot on B&W 16mm film last spring.

To Catch a Predator

by Josh Moore - Senior Video Production

A short spoof of the Dateline investigations.

The Old World

by Benjamin Carrico - Senior Video Production

16mm silent black and white film concerning the end of the world.

More Productive

by Anthony Sanchez

This was a project I completed for a Video II course. It uses Radiohead's "Fitter Happier" song (poem), conjoined with images of someone in a more productive state mind consuming state.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Maya Lin Interview

I got a chance to work an interview with the artist Maya Lin recently. If you're not aware of her work, she's probably most famous for the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is currently housing her exhibit Systematic Landscapes, and they needed to get her on tape during her brief visit here for the opening. If you haven't seen the show, you should.

The interesting thing about this video is that the actual interview footage of Maya and the footage of Kathryn asking the questions weren't shot on the same day, or even in the same room! Due to a variety of circumstances, we had to do them a week apart, and while the original interview was held in the main gallery, the pickup stuff was shot in a classroom. The lighting in each room was very different, so I had to compensate a great deal in the field and in post. Both were shot on a Sony PD-170, but the main interview used a full three-point Arri Softbank kit, while the pickup was shot with natural light and an Arri 650 to fill (we used the white wall as a backlight). Cutting the sound was a bit challenging, as it had to seem seamless between the shots.

This is not at all uncommon in real-world production, and it seemed like a good thing to post here. Enjoy!

-Aaron AuBuchon, Video Production Program Facilitator

Water Works

Last week, the Video II class went en masse to the Water Works event at the Pulitzer Foundations for the Arts. Over thirty video producers had works on display there on three different screens. Working in groups, they captured b-roll and conducted interviews for short documentaries about the event. Due to the nature of the event, the Pulitzer won't let us put the results up on our blog, but they will be placing them all up on their website. As soon as we have them finished, I'll put up the link.

Pretty cool, huh?

-Aaron AuBuchon